photography and the landscape

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

blue heron

Blue Heron's, or any of the "tall as a man" wading birds are steeped in legend and myth.  They represent both good and bad omens, depending on the story teller .  The waterways of my youth, places I still travel to with the purpose of photography, were devoid of any of these majestic creatures, largely due to the hostile, polluted environment at the time. So, that said, these birds are a good omen for me. To see the landscape clean enough to support their return is definitely a positive "sign". The frequency of personal sightings and the elusiveness of getting an acceptable photo, leaves me with some unsettled feelings. Especially so, given  some of the myth stories.  Herons are thought to be spirits of wise men who have passed on, and  returned to earth. There are also Christian beliefs that the bird represents the eternal struggle of good and evil.  In the image above, what I am attempting to convey, is the contemplative, almost oriental view of the scene as it unfolded before me. A few seconds after getting this, the bird flew,gone, like the fleeting memory of a dream.

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