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Friday, July 8, 2011

Live from the Rustbelt

I normally wouldn't self promote like this, but the nature of the exhibition and the spirit of the idea compel me to do so.  Last summer I sent a photo of Concrete Central Elevator to Rustwire's call for work for the Big Urban Photography Project.  The project has become a traveling show which began in Pittsburgh, is now in Cleveland and will likely also head on to Youngstown and Buffalo.  This is a graphic promoting the project (artist unknown) - which I think is fantastic and deserves applause.  From a personal viewpoint-my town of Buffalo has been in a downward spiral for as long as I have been alive.  I am a little over fifty, have lived within the city limits for all of those years and despite the bad press and faulty reputation we may have-I know that this place is a great world class town that- like all Blue Collar Rust Belt Cities are imbued with a character, will, drive, determination and grit that will allow its inhabitants to rise above the adversity and be better people for it.  To paraphrase an old quote- if it doesn't kill you- it will make you stronger.

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